Foster carers are lifelines to the equines we rescue!

We urgently need fosterers in the Leinster area.
Do you have a kind heart, some land and some form of shelter? If so then we need to hear from you!
What is fostering and why is it so important?

What is fostering and what is the difference between foster and adopt?

Foster is the temporary placement of an equine into someone’s care either to free up space at our rescue centre for an emergency or to allow the animal to mature before being rehomed. Sometimes we use foster as an opportunity to give our rescued equines a little holiday - we all deserve one!!

Foster is short term while adoption is envisaged to be permanent.

Below you will find details of all equines that are currently in need of a foster home. Our adoptions/fostering coordinator will be able to supply you will all the information on that equine. We can only include certain information about them on our website.

You should have suitable personal liability insurance in place and public liability insurance cover under your farm or equine policy.

Why is it so important?

Our main objective is to rescue equines who are being neglected, abused or who have been cruelly treated or abanoned.

However the rescue of the equine is just the beginning. Once we take the equine we need somewhere for him or her to go.

Our rescue centre in County Meath is constantly full to capacity.

Foster homes provide a more economical way of housing the equine until a suitable permanent home can be found or until space is available at our rescue centre.

By fostering you help alleviate the pressure at the rescue centre - freeing up space for emergencies.

We will foster out equines that we have had a while - new cases will come directly to our centre. 

I feel I can help. What next?


In order to be able to foster you need three simple, but important things:

  1. Land/Grazing
  2. Shelter
  3. Equine Premises Number

If you would like to foster a horse or pony from LHPR , your next step is to read our policy in full here then download our Fostering Application form. Once the form is completed we ask that you either scan it to us via email or post it to us.

Once your form is received and approved we will be in touch with you to arrange a quick home visit and for you to come meet the equine you wish to foster (optional but encouraged)
There is a minimum foster duration of three months and a maximum duration of six months. If at any time you deem you can no longer properly care for the equine, LHPR will arrange for the equine to be collected.
During the fostering period the LHPR welfare team will, at times agreed with you, carry out visits to your premises in order to monitor the health and welfare of the equine(s) and provide any support to you that you may need.

Equines currently available for foster
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