We need your help!!

Poppy and Dawn in their foster home - October 2017 (C) D. Walsh
As the evenings get darker and the weather takes a turn for the worst, calls to our helpline quickly increase. Our welfare officers in winter find themselves responding the triple the amount of calls then they would attend in summer months. We can only take in new rescues cases if we can foster out the animals already in our care - perhaps this is where you can help? If you have a space in your herd for a rescue horse or pony please get in touch with us. We have equines in various shapes, sizes and ages that would benefit from wintering with a herd or family. Please consider joining our network of foster homes and help us help the next emergency case. 

LHPR will provide the equine with a rug, headcollar, leadrope and feedbucket. We also cover any vet, farrier and dentistry bills. We are also happy to make arragements for hay and feed.

If you are able to help, please fill in the short form below and we will be in touch with you.
LHPR Tom is available for fostering 
(or rehoming - who knows you might fall in love with him)

He is an 11 year old thoroughbred gelding standing at 16hh.

He is suitable for an experienced rider only. 
He is a true gent of a horse and is very well mannered.

He is best suited living out all year around (if possible) as he tends to stress when stabled. He is excellent for the farrier and travels well.
Your Name
Your Equine Premises Registration Number (Dept Of Agriculture)
Actual stabling/grazing address AND its eircode
Please let us know what type of equine your able to foster (age/size etc)
What date can you foster from?
What date can you foster until?
If you are applying for a particular horse - please insert the name here
Do you have adequate stabling/sheltering and grazing facilities available?
Will there be someone available to monitor them at least once a day?
Are you aware a short home visit/check will be carried out?
If the equine is a female - you hereby confirm not to breed from her?
Please note the following:

  • If for any reason, I am unable to keep the equine, I will contact LHPR immediately
  • Provide adequate and appropriate pasture, with safe and secure fencing, for the equine.
  • Keep the equine at the premises that were inspected by the Organization prior to placement, and not move the equine to other premises without prior inspection of the new premises and permission from the Organization.
  • Not to breed from the equine.
  • Not to use the equine, or permit the equine to be used, for hunting live quarry.
  • Notify the Gardaí and the Organization within 24 hours should the equine become lost, stolen or missing.
  • Permit an official of the Organization to visit my premises from time to time to check the well-being of the equine
  • Allow the Organization to repossess the equine if, in the Organization’s opinion, the terms of this agreement are not being adhered to.
  • NB: The Leinster Horse and Pony Rescue, has a zero-tolerance
    policy on breeding, if an adopter carer is found in breach of this
    policy, the equine will be immediately removed from the
    premises of the adopter and we will seek prosecution for
    violating our policy. We also have a zero-tolerance policy on
    moving equines to another location without our prior
    **Equine refers to a horse, pony, donkey.
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