What we do
We are a non profit equine welfare organisation. L.H.P.R is dedicated to the welfare of horses and ponies throughout Leinster and beyond.
The Three R's we pride ourselves in!




We are what we are - a rescue centre for sick, injured and neglected horses and ponies. We will assist in any donkey emergency as it arises also. We are currently based on a rented farm in Trim County Meath. Our team of welfare officers work on the frontline responding to calls for help!
We pride ourselves in our rehabilitation programme. We feel our rehab programme is like no other rescues. We give 5 star individual attention to every animal that passes through our gates. Our rehab programme is headed up by our group of volunteers and is broken down into three stages.
We are proud of our ''active'' rehoming scheme. Our aim is to rehome every equine that passes through the gates of LHPR! In most cases all equines have been fully rehabilitated.
Rehoming is a hugely rewarding experience.
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Our Mission Statement
Here at L.H.P.R, we aim to relieve the unnecessary suffering of horses and ponies in need of care and attention in Leinster.

We pledge to provide our animals with sheltered accommodation, and the highest standard of nutritional, medical and emotional care.

We promise to promote the humane care and behaviour towards horses and ponies and all other animals, through information and education in animal welfare and prevention of cruelty and suffering towards animals.

We believe animals deserve to be born with dignity and when the times comes to die with dignity. While we operate a no kill policy, we do have to be realistic and humane and sometimes have to make the difficult decision to put an animal to sleep if its suffering, sick or injured beyond veterinary help.
Our Euthanasia Policy - Click Here
  1. Audrey Mealiff
    Audrey Mealiff
  2. Martina Quinn
    Martina Quinn
    Events Coordinator (Sub Committee)
  3. Sandra Weafer
    Sandra Weafer
    Secretary (Committee)
  4. Linda Corrigan
    Linda Corrigan
    Vice Chairperson (Committee)
  5. Joseph Quinn
    Joseph Quinn
    Director/Operations Manager
  6. Juliann Callaghan
    Juliann Callaghan
    Welfare Officer and Ambulance Driver
  7. Rebecca Brennan
    Rebecca Brennan
    Welfare Officer
Meet The Team
At L.H.P.R. everyone of us are volunteers and most of us have part/full time paid jobs...
Making the organisation run smoothly on a day to day basis are a special group of people with a passion for change and with one aim - to end equine cruelty and abuse.

Our committee consists of a chairperson, vice chairperson, treasurer and secretary. We also have a sub committee for fundraising only. This consists of a chairperson and three members.

On the yard we have a head of operations, two yard supervisors and a wonderful team of volunteers (stable assistants and grooms)

Responding to calls for help on the road is our team of welfare officers (field officers)
L.H.P.R. in three minutes...
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